The MLB Pundits Are Back. Will They Be Less Of A Disaster In 2014?

In what is becoming an annual tradition, we ask the question: Will this year finally be the one where the baseball pundits turn it around? After a string of terrible prediction seasons from 2009-2012 (see details), the "experts" followed it up with a truly pitiful 2013, in which no one picked either the Red Sox or the… » 4/10/14 9:43am 4/10/14 9:43am

Which NFL Experts Predicted A Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl?

We have recently recapped the awful performances of baseball and college football pundits—both groups whiffed entirely on either of the championship game participants. Did the NFL pundits do any better with their preseason predictions? We tracked 63 "experts" from CBS, ESPN,, and Sports Illustrated. » 1/28/14 4:28pm 1/28/14 4:28pm